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New executive chairman for aluminum company in Delfzijl


Chris McNamee (York Capital) has been  appointed as Executive Chairman of DAMCO Aluminium Delfzijl Coöperation U.A. (Aldel). He succeeds Karsten Pronk,  who for years has led the company successfully in difficult times. The trade unions and the works council  have approved this designation. 

This also has taken place in consultation with Pronk and the management team of Aldel. The employees have been informed this morning.

Since October 2017 the investment company York Capital has been the new owner of Aldel. York Capital will in the coming years invest millions in Aldel. They preferred to continue these investments with  own specialized management people, along with the current management team of Aldel.

From the beginning of 2018 Aldel started with a large scale investment  of the Electrolysis so that it will be possible to use again  the full capacity of the company. The employment will, as a result of this investment, grow from the current 175 to about 250 FTE end 2018. There is currently therefore also much attention for attracting new employees.Delfzijl, 23 July 2018


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