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European Aluminium welcomes ALDEL as newest member


Aldel is accepted as the newest member of European Aluminium, as unanimously confirmed by the General Assembly through an electronic voting during the last two weeks. In the category of primary smelters, the new membership is quite exceptional;

Mr Christian Wagener, Chief Commercial Officer of Aldel:  “We are extremely happy with our membership as all the relevant companies of the industry basically said: yes, we want Aldel to join our network as it is an important producer off aluminium in the Netherlands.”

European Aluminium, founded in 1981, is the voice of the aluminium industry in Europe. They engage with European decision makers to create a sustainable business climate for the aluminum industry in Europe and promote aluminum as an innovative and sustainable material for the future of Europe.

Ramp-up finished

Aldel is the only remaining aluminium producer in the Netherlands. The plant was acquired by York Capital in November 2017 and is in the process of a significant capital investment program to return the plant to its original production levels. As the ramp-up almost is finished, the plant is close to an annual capacity of up to 160,000 tonnes of extrusion billets and rolling ingots. Aldel plays a very important role in helping balance the Dutch energy grid which becomes more important as the renewable energy mix increases. Recycling continues to be an important focus for Aldel and is an integral part of the on-going business strategy.


Note for the editor

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