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ALDEL selects ECORUS for the installation of 50,000 m2 of solar cell roofs


Farmsum, November 7. DAMCO Aluminum Delfzijl Cooperative U.A. / Aldel selects Ecorus Development BV to provide various factory roofs with solar cells. The total surface area is approximately 50,000 m2 and the expected solar capacity is between 8 and 12 Mw. Three companies had submitted a proposal. After a carefully executed selection process, ECORUS was ultimately chosen. Today the declaration of intent was signed between Chris McNamee, CEO Aldel and Philippe Vanhoef, founder Ecorus.


The objective of the collaboration is to investigate the feasibility of building, maintaining and operating a solar cell installation on the roofs of DAMCO. After signing the declaration of intent, the following global timetable is followed:

  • Application for SDE + subsidy: October 2019
  • Provisional design based on the research, mutual agreement on the final contract and implementation in Q1 + Q2 2020
  • Project financing in Q3 2020
  • Start installation work: Q4 2020
  • Expected delivery: Q2 2021

The installation of solar cells on the factory roofs of Aldel fits in with the future vision and strategy of the aluminum producer. The ten-year plan drawn up for this is implemented in three phases. This plan looks at reducing CO2 emissions, switching to sustainable energy, generating sustainable energy itself and coordinating production with the available capacity in the network. And the latter is important for balancing the energy grid so that more sustainable energy can come onto the grid.

Press info:

G.J. Weber (Communication Manager)