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The decision to base an aluminium smelter in Delfzijl was based largely on the discovery of natural gas in 1959, develop employment for the local community and the direct, open connection to the sea. ALDEL was founded by three large companies: Alusuisse, Billiton and Koninklijke Hoogovens. The company produces some 110,000 tonnes of primary aluminium each year, and processed a further 50,000 tonnes of scrap. The end-product consists of rolling ingots and extrusion billets. Most of the clients are rolling mills and extrusion companies.

At the beginning of the nineties the company faced poor market developments and it wasn’t until 1996 whereby the company secured a new energy contract. This made it possible to modernise the electrolysis halls. It was not only the systems that were modernised: the employees had to ‘modernise’ too, under the motto: we plan to shape ALDEL’s future ourselves. That involved a complete cultural turnaround. Training courses were provided, and the company was reorganised.

1999 saw the merger between Koninklijke Hoogovens, Aluminium Delfzijl’s parent company, and British Steel. The merger was formalised on 6 October of that year. This combination of forces gave rise to a new group under the name Corus, with some 66,000 employees. Nothing significantly changed at ALDEL; it simply became a division of the Corus Group.

At the beginning of 2002 Corus’s board announced its decision to sell the aluminium operations. That meant that ALDEL would be facing a different future. Corus’s downstream aluminium activities were sold in 1996 to Aleris and  ALDEL was sold on 1 February 2009 to Klesch & Company Limited, London. From Nov 2017 it was then bought out by Damco Aluminium Delfzijl Coöperatie U.A.